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fake degree, fake diplomas

There are a few reasons a person might look into getting a fake diploma. Some reasons are perfectly innocent, and some are more devious. However, even the supposedly innocent reasons have a somewhat fishy feeling to them—it seems very odd, for instance, that someone would invest a few hundred dollars in a very realistic-looking replica diploma intended only as a practical joke prop.
Practical Reasons!
Many sites offering fake diplomas point out that high school diplomas are relatively likely to get lost and relatively difficult to replace. (If you’re in this boat, read our guide to replacing a missing diploma.) The idea is, then, that a substitute might be a nice thing to have and to hand down to future generations.
Just-for-Fun Reasons!
There are all sorts of practical jokes a person could play with a fake diploma—not to mention straight-up teasing. One online figure mentioned getting a fake diploma for his dog. The question, then, becomes why you would need a document of such high (deceptive) quality; does Fido really need a seal produced with the precise embossing style that colleges use? I say no.

fake diplomas, fake certificate, fake degreesDishonest Reasons!
Dishonest reasons include submitting a fake University diploma to convince a school or potential employer that you have credentials you never earned. This is the primary reason you’d need such an exactly convincing version of diploma. It’s hard to imagine why you would need to dupe people so entirely unless you honestly wanted them to believe that the document was official.
There’s some logic to this argument, and yet it seems odd to hand down a fake diploma; I struggle to understand why future generations would be so attached to a stand-in document in place of simply knowing the true story of how Grandpa Bill lost his diploma from such-and-such a high school.